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The Wizard of Oz - The End -

May 23, 2021
.Relax by the Fireplace with Joey and let him read you a story set to sleep-inducing music and ambient sound. Nox is your Safe space at bedtime to relax, feel safe, and get a good night’s sleep. 

Please for the love of God Join Patreon to help upgrade equipment I had to cut the episode short because of the 93-degree weather. So instead of 1 1/2 hours of Sherlock Holmes, we finished the last 3 chapters Wizard of Oz. Patreon supporters got their first book with the completion of the Wizard of Oz which I cleaned up special for them. Please consider joining Patreon for faster longer episodes and upgrades. We also have a good news story tonight about the birth of Red wolf pups.

“Will you come with me, sweet Reader? I thank you. Give me your hand.” -Joey
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