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The Palace of the Night

May 1, 2022

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Relax by the Fireplace with Joey and let him read you a story set to sleep-inducing music and ambient sound. Nox is your safe space at bedtime to relax, feel safe, and get a good night’s sleep. 

 On tonight's episode, I have a good news story about a black cat with huge eyes and wonky feet named mayor of Hell... No not that hell. Hell Michigan of course. Learn how you can own property in Hell without being bad =).

Followed by a great fairytale for you called The Palace of The Night. It's written by the same author as the city of winter sleep which was hugely popular on here. 

At sundown the Prince, accompanied by his mariners, found himself in the midst of the great Fair, in the very heart of the din, the medley of outlandish costumes, the babel of strange tongues, and the shrill cries of the shopmen and the merchants. Surely there was never such a marketplace as the Fair of the Golden Bear!

Everything in the world was there to be bought and sold. At one booth a venerable man in a scholar’s gown and velvet cap sold words—rare words, rich words, strange words, beautiful words, and drove a brisk trade with a crowd of poets and lovers; at another, an old woman in green sold rosy glasses to those who were at outs with the world; and at still another a joyous fellow in blue offered sunbeams, which he had caught in a mirror and imprisoned in bits of magic glass.

If you are new here to the Nox Family welcome I hope I'm able to bring you calm and comfort at bedtime for a long time to come.


“Will you come with me, sweet reader? I thank you. Give me your hand.” -Joey.

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